Health Studies 315

Epidemiology and Clinical Investigation

Spring 1997

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Extra copies of handouts (if any) are in BSLC 104. The list below itemizes the handouts distributed at each lecture.

  1. General Information;
    Evidence-Based Medicine [3/31/97]
    Course schedule [PDF version] [Text Version]
  2. Study Design: UG 1, 2A, 2B; Selected abstracts [4/2/97]
  3. No handout [4/4/97]
  4. Lecture slides [4/7]
  5. Lecture slides; Guyatt, "Statistics for Clinical Medicine 1 and 2" [4/9]
  6. Lecture slides; JAMA abstract: "Brief physician advice for problem alcohol drinkers." [4/11]
  7. UG 3A, 3B. [4/14]
  8. 1996 Exams (See "Exams" section) [4/16]
  9. Diagnostic test lecture slides (Toledano) [4/18]
  10. Confidence interval summary, NEJM abstract on diet and BP [4/21]
  11. No handout [4/23]
  12. Exam [4/25]
  13. UG 4, lecture slides [4/28]
  14. UG 5, lecture slides [4/30]
  15. Regression lecture slides (Toledano) [5/2]
  16. Statistical tests [5/5]
  17. No class [5/7]
  18. Bayes, Likelihood Ratios, and Multiple logistic regression [5/9]
  19. Epidemiological concepts; Counfounding, interaction, and bias (Lauderdale) [5/12]
  20. (Lauderdale) [5/14]
  21. Clinical Decision Analysis [5/16]
  22. Meta-Analysis [5/19]


    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or the PDFViewer plug-in for Netscape) to view the lecture slides posted here, as well as any other files stored in "Portable Document Format" (PDF). To obtain this free software, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from Room Service. Select the version appropriate to the computer you are using.
    1. Introduction (Adobe PDF version)
    2. Study Design (Adobe PDF version)
    3. Assessing articles about therapy 1 (Adobe PDF version)
    4. Assessing articles about therapy 2 (Adobe PDF version)
    5. Assessing articles about therapy 3 (Adobe PDF version)
    6. Quantitative assessment: Hypothesis tests and P-values (Adobe PDF version)
    7. Quantitative assessment: Confidence intervals (No slides)
    8. Assessing articles about diagnosis I (Toledano) (Adobe PDF version)
    9. Assessing articles about diagnosis II (Toledano)
    10. Quantitative assessment: Confidence intervals II
    11. The CAST Study (Adobe PDF version)
      Dancing Pigs and Diagnostic tests (Adobe PDF version)
    12. Exam
    13. Assessing articles about risk and harm (Adobe PDF version)
    14. Assessing articles about prognosis (Adobe PDF version)
    15. Regression and adjustment (Toledano) (Adobe PDF version)
    16. Statistical tests and procedures (Adobe PDF version)
    17. Bayes Theorem, Odds, Logistic regression (Adobe PDF version)
      Supplement (PPV Step-by-step) (Adobe PDF version)
    18. Notes on epidemiological concepts (Adobe PDF version)
    19. Clinical Decision Analysis (Adobe PDF version)
    20. Meta-Analysis (Overviews) (Adobe PDF version)




Instructor: Ronald Thisted ( AMB W-341, 2-8332, Office Hours: by appointment.

Health Studies 315