Ph.D. students and year of graduation

  • Jongwoo Song, 2003
    Dissertation title:  "A clustering algorithm with applications to gene expression data "

  • Irina Ostrovnaya, 2006
    Dissertation title:  "Estimating Error Rates for Independent and Dependent Test Statistics"

  • Baoguan Ke, 2008
    Dissertation title:  "Statistical Methods for Association Mapping of Quantitative and Binary Trait Loci"

  • Minsun Song, 2008
    Dissertation title:  "Restricted parameter space models for testing gene-gene interactions"

  • Omar De la Cruz, 2008
    Dissertation title:  "Geometric Approaches in the Analysis of Genetic Data"

  • Ryan C. King, 2012
    Dissertation title:  "The rare variant hypothesis: interpretation and estimation in sequencing association studies"

  • Han Han (joint with Peter McCullagh), 2012
    Dissertation title:  "From Bayes calculation to efficient integration of studies: three statistical problems"

  • Matthew Reimherr, 2013
    Dissertation title:  "Functional Data Methods for Genome-Wide Association Studies"

  • Qianying Liu (joint with Lin Chen), 2014
    Dissertation title:  "Gene-based studies: from population stratification adjustment to testing for gene-environment interactions"

Masters students and year of graduation

  • Qian Chen, 2016
    Paper title:  "Association studies with imperfect phenotypes: evaluation of methods"

  • Deborah Sutton, 2015
    Paper title:  " Uncovering Epistatic Variants in Gene Expression Studies"

  • Xinyue Li, 2014
    Paper title:  "Inference of Genetic Similarity between Tissues from RNA-seq Data"

  • Yuefeng Han, 2014
    Paper title:  "Testing High Dimensional Normality via Multivariate Skewness and Kurtosis"

  • Giulia Zardi (University of Bologna), 2013
    Paper title:  "A Statistical Study About Expression Variability Quantitative Trait Loci (evQTLs)"

  • Jie Peng, 2007
    Paper title:  "The Feasibility of a Genome-Wide Linkage Study of a Large Asthma Pedigree"

  • Stacy Steinberg, 2006
    Paper title:  "Detection of Relationship Errors in Inbred Pedigrees"

  • Nathaniel Loman, 2006
    Paper title:  "Detection of Allelic Deletion via Inference of Loss of Heterozygosity in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia by use of a Hidden Markov Model"

  • Jake Byrnes (jointly mentored with Vanja Dukic), 2005
    Paper title:  "Using a HMM to Identify Ectopic Gene Conversion Events"

  • Brinda Bijawat (jointly mentored with Lianne Kurina and Paul J. Rathouz), 2005
    Paper title:  "The Impact of Coronary Heart Disease and Arthritis on Depressive Symptoms - A Longitudinal Study"

  • Brooke Sowell, 2005
    Paper title:  "Estimating the Recovery Kinetics of tER Sites"

  • Nicholas Chamandy, 2003
    Paper title:  "The Monopoly Sampler: an illustration of convergence assessment techniques for Markov chain Monte Carlo"

  • Wen-Hsin Feng, 2003
    Paper title:  "Two-Marker Likelihood based Transmission Disequilibrium Test for Association Studies"

  • Hua Tang, 2003
    Paper title:  "A New Amino Acid Distance"

  • Irina Ostrovnaya, 2003
    Paper title:  "Improved estimation of the False Discovery Rate with application to genetic association studies"

  • Xin Dong (jointly mentored with Nancy J. Cox), 2002
    Paper title:  "Maternal and Parent-of-Origin Effects of Serotonin Transporter Gene (SLC6A4) in Autistic Disorder"

  • Ping Zhang, 2001
    Paper title:  "Empirical Data and Simulation Study of Somatic Hypermutation in Immunoglobin Genes"