STAT23400 Autumn 2012

STAT220 Autumn 2013
Statistical Methods And Applications

Last Update: 12/18/2013

Instructors & Course Assistants

SessionClass MeetingInstructorOfficeE-mail
01MWF 10:30-12:20, Eck133Xiang ZhouEck
02MWF 1:30-2:20, Eck133Yibi HuangEck
Duo JiangEck
Walter DempseyEck

Problem Sessions & Office Hours

Problem Session Mon 5:30-6:30pmEck133CA Attendance to problem sessions is optional.
The two problem sessions are identical.
Just choose one to attend.
Problem SessionTue 6:30-7:30pmEck133CA
Office HourTue 4-5pmEck131Yibi Huang(STAT220/STAT200 joint)
Office HourWed 4-5pmEck131Xiang Zhou-
Office HourThur 4-5pmEck131Yibi Huang(STAT220/STAT200 joint)

Textbook (Required)

Complete Syllabus: Click Here

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Course Schedule/Slides/Assignments

Week Date Topics Chapter Slides HW due
1 MSept. 30 Introduction, Graphical Descriptions of Data 1.1 L01
WOct. 2 Numerical Descriptions of Data 1.2 L02 HW1 posted
FOct. 4 Densities and Normal Distributions 1.3 L03
2 M Oct. 7 Scatter plot and Correlation 2.1-2.2 L04
WOct. 9 Scatter plot and Correlation 2.1-2.2 HW2 posted,
HW1 due
FOct. 11 Least Squares Regression 2.3 L05
3 M Oct. 14 Regression, Residuals, Outliers 2.4 L06
WOct. 16 Experiments and Observational Studies 3.1-3.2 L08 HW3 posted,
HW2 due
FOct. 18 Sampling, Bias, and Variance 3.3-3.4 L09
4 M Oct. 21 Probability: Introduction 4.1-4.2 L10
WOct. 23 Probability Rules 4.5 L11 HW4 posted,
HW3 due
FOct. 25 Random Variables 4.3 L12-13
5 MOct. 28 Random Variables Continued 4.3
WOct. 30 Mean and Variance of Random Variables, Sampling Distributions 4.4, 5.1 L14-16 HW5posted,
HW4 due
FNov. 1 Sampling Distributions, Central Limit Theorem 5.1, 5.2
6 M Nov. 4 Sampling Distributions, Central Limit Theorem 5.1, 5.2
WNov. 6 Midterm Review
Midterm, 5-7pm, in Kent120
Here is a Midterm Study Guide.
HW6 posted,
HW5 due
FNov. 8 Confidence Intervals 6.1 L18
7 M Nov. 11 Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing 6.1-6.2 L19-20
WNov. 13 Hypothesis Testing 6.2 HW7 posted,
HW6 due
FNov. 15 Abuse of Tests, Power of Tests, Type I and Type II Error 6.3-6.4 L21
8 MNov. 18 Student t-Test, Quiz 1 (in class) 7.1 L22
WNov. 20 Comparing Two Means 7.2 L23 HW8 posted,
HW7 due
FNov. 22 Inference for One and Two Proportions 8.1-8.2 L24, L25
9 MNov. 25 Inference for Two-way Tables 9.1-9.2 L26
WNov. 27 Inference for Two-way Tables (Cont'd) 9.1-9.2 HW9 posted,
HW8 due
FNov. 29 Thanksgiving Holiday, No Class
10 MDec. 2 Simple Linear Regression 10.1 L27
WDec. 4 Summary and Review, Quiz 2 (in class) HW9 due
FDec. 6 Reading Period, No Class
11 WDec. 11 Final Exam, 1:30-3:30pm in Eck133
Here is a Final Exam Study Guide

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