STAT22200 SPRING 2014

STAT222 SPR 2014 Linear Models And Experimental Design

Class Meeting: TuTh 12:00-1:20 PM, Eck133

Prerequisites: STAT22000 or STAT23400 or instructor consent


Instructor Yibi HuangEckhart
CAEric Janofsky?
CAZhengrong Tom XingRyerson

Office Hours and Problem Sessions

DayTimeRoomTypeLead by
Mon3-4pm Eck117Office hourCAs
Tue5:30-6:30pmEck133Problem sessionCAs
Tue6:30-7:30pmEck133Problem sessionCAs
Wed5:30-6:30pmEck131Office hourYibi


Complete Syllabus: Click Here


Course Schedule, Handouts, and Assignments

Tu Apr. 01(Review of) Multiple Linear RegressionMLR1a.pdf
HW1 due Apr. 10
ThApr. 03
TuApr. 08HW2 due Apr. 17
ThApr. 10Dummy Variablesdummy.pdf
Tu Apr. 15Completely Randomized Designs, ANOVASections 3.1-3.8Chap3.pdfHW3 due Apr. 25
ThApr. 17Experiments with Quantitative Factors, Goodness of FitSection 3.9
TuApr. 22Two-Sample Tests, Randomization TestsChapter 2 Chap2.pdfHW4 due May 1
ThApr. 24ContrastsChapter 4Chap4.pdf
TuApr. 29Multiple ComparisonsChapter 5Chap5.pdfHW5 due May 9
ThMay 01Model Adequacy CheckingChapter 6Chap6.pdf
TuMay 6HW6 due May 20
TuMay 6Midterm Exam, 5:30-7:30pm in Eck133.
ThMay 8Power and Sample Size CalculationChapter 7Chap7.pdf
TuMay 13Two-Way Factorial DesignsChapter 8Chap8A.pdfHW7 due May 22
ThMay 15General Factorial DesignsChapter 8Chap8B.pdf
TuMay 20Contrasts for Factorial Data, One-Cell Interaction,
Quantitative Factors
Section 9.1, 9.2.2, 9.2.3Chap9.pdfHW8 due May. 29
ThMay 22Unbalanced DataSection 10.1Chap10.pdf
TuMay 27Randomized Complete Block Designs, Latin Square DesignsChapter 13Chap13A.pdfHW9 (optional, due June 4)
ThMay 29Cross-Over Designs, Replicated Latin Square Designs, Graeco-Latin Squares DesignsChapter 13Chap13B.pdf
TuJun. 3Incomplete Block DesignsChapter 14Chap14.pdf
ThJun. 5Reading Period, No Class.
Tu Jun. 10Final Exam, 10:30 - 12:30 in Eck133

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