Stat 343 Report Submission Form

For use with brief reports assigned as homework.
Last updated 24-Oct-95

Complete the following information:
Name:________________________________  Date: ________________

Number of copies submitted:__________________________________
Homework set/homework problem: ______________________________
email address: ______________________________________________

Submit this page, together with the specified number of copies of your report, as part of your homework assignment. Your report must follow these instructions:

  1. If the homework set has problems other than this report, do not submit your solutions to the other problems together with this report.
  2. Submit one copy of this form, stapled (or paper clipped) to the required number of copies of your report.
  3. Aside from this form, your report should take up no more than one side of one page. The report page should have at least one-inch margins on all four sides of the paper.
  4. All figures, tables, and text, must be on the one page of the report itself. Thet should be clearly understandable by an average reader.
  5. Do not assume that the person reading your report knows how to interpret output from S-plus or any other statistical program.
  6. Do not put your name on the report itself. The report will be reviewed by other members of the class. They will not be given your name. The comments will be returned to you.

Do not write below this line: