S+ Graphics on the Sun Cluster

Last updated: 18-Oct-95
This pages is available through http://www.stat.uchicago.edu/~thisted/courses/343/

Here is a fairly simple way to use S+ graphics on quads. It depends on using a terminal emulation program such as NCSA Telnet to access quads from a Macintosh computer. Any terminal program that emulates a Tektronix graphics terminal (as NCSA Telnet does) will do just as well. The example is written for use from a Macintosh computer accessing quads.

  1. If you do not already have a copy of a suitable terminal emulation program, obtain one from Networking Services via ftp to roomservice.uchicago.edu. Most of the Macs in the public clusters already have NCSA Telnet loaded.
  2. Launch NCSA Telnet
  3. Under the FILE menu, select OPEN CONNECTION...
  4. In the dialog box that comes up, type quads.uchicago.edu, then click on the CONNECT button.
  5. Login as usual to quads.
  6. When you have the standard UNIX prompt, enter Splus as usual.
  7. Type tek4014(). This initializes the Tektronix driver in S.
  8. Test whether this works by typing plot(1:10,10:1)

    If this works successfully, you should get the a screen that looks something like this in a separate window:

    (unavailable picture)

  9. This image can then be cut or pasted into other Macintosh documents, printed, etc. Each time that you give a plot command, Splus will draw the graph in a new window.