Last updated 7 November 1995

Statistics 343
Autumn, 1995

Homework 4
Due Tuesday, 14 November 1995

Referee Report #1

Attached are two brief reports concerning FSH. Evaluate and comment on these reports, using the referee report form. Submit two copies of the referee report form for each report that you review.

Brief Report #2

"Aerial survey methods are used to estimate the number of snow geese in their summer range areas west of Hudson Bay in Canada. To obtain estimates, small aircraft fly over the range and, when a flock of geese is spotted, an experienced person estimates the number of geese in the flock. To investigate the reliability of this method of counting, an experiment was conducted in which an airplane carrying two observers flew over n=45 flocks, and each observer made an independent estimate of the number of birds in each flock. Also, a photograph of the flock was taken, so that an exact count of the number of birds in the flock could be made."

The resulting data are shown on page 102 of Weisberg, and are available in machine-readable form in the file ALR102.DAT in the directory containing Weisberg data sets. [Source: Weisberg, 1985, 482]

Write a brief report summarizing and documenting your conclusions. Submit three copies of your report together with one copy of the report submission form. Two of these copies will be distributed to other students in the class, who will comment on the contents and presentation of your report.