Statistics 343

Autumn, 1995
Final Exercise

Due Wednesday, 13 December 1995
3:30 pm (Eckhart 126 or RT's box in 110)

Last updated 5 December 95, 5:00 pm CST

For this assignment, collaboration and discussion are not permitted. You may use any published source on any topic, and library research is permitted. If you use any outside sources, be sure to cite them in your paper. Do not discuss these problems with other individuals, including people who are not taking the course. You may direct questions to RT, which I will answer whenever it is appropriate to do so.

  1. [Smoking] (Source: Lauren McIntyre, NCState, jse/v2n1)

    "The Federal Trade Commission annually rates varieties of domestic cigarettes according to their tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide content. The United States Surgeon General considers each of these substances hazardous to a smoker's health. Past studies have shown that increases in the tar and nicotine content of a cigarette are accompanied by an increase in the carbon monoxide emitted from the cigarette smoke."

    The dataset presented here contains for each of several cigarette brands: measurements of tar content (mg), nicotine content (mg), cigarette weight (g) and carbon monoxide (CO) content (mg). Data are presented for 25 brands of cigarettes.

    Describe the relationship between carbon monoxide content and the other variables.

    The data set is located in the file cigs.dat in the "Other Data Sets" location on the Web page. Your submission should consist of a one-page brief report, using the same rules for format as used in the homeworks (except only one copy is required).

  2. [Housing]

    Weisberg, problem 9.5. The data are in ALR241.

    You may submit up to five pages in total (plus a sixth page if you choose to submit a reference list). The first page will be a summary page, and the remaining four pages will include all text, tables, and graphs. A bibliography or reference list is optional, and if you include one it should be on a separate page (which will not count against your five-page limit).

    Each submission must contain only the following information on the first page:

    For this exercise, you may use any statistical procedures that you feel are appropriate. You may consult any reference source (such as books and other materials). If you use such information, you must cite the source in your paper where appropriate.