Statistics 227: Biostatistical Methods

Autumn 1996

Statistics 227 is a survey of biostatistical methods for students who already have taken a one- or two-quarter course in general statistical methods. The course will emphasize practical applications of statistics to problems in biology, medicine, and health care. Students will use a statistical computer program such as Stata or Minitab to carry out analyses of datasets taken from recent investigations. Examples given in class will use Stata, which is available for Macintosh, Unix, DOS, and Windows computers.




Statistics 220 or 224, Med Bio 315, or consent of instructor.


Steve Selvin (1994). Practical Biostatistical Methods. Duxbury. (Required)

Course Requirements

The requirements for the course are nine homework assignments, due approximately weekly, and a take-home final exam. Assignments are due by 4 pm on date assigned. Submissions may be sent to either instructor via email, delivered in person at our offices (sliding work under the E126 office door is also acceptable), or left for McPeek or Thisted in our mail slots in Eckhart 110.

Course Assistant