Statistics 227

Homework 5
Due Wednesday, 6 November 1996

  1. For this problem use the data from the Child Health and Development Study (CHDS) described in detail on pp. 57-59 of Selvin. The data are available on the WWW in the directory Selvin Data Sets, under the file name TBL-CHDS.DAT. Suppose you are interested in some of the factors affecting birth weight.

    (a) Perform a multiple linear regression of birth weight (in pounds, column 4) against gestation (in weeks, column 5), mother's height (in inches, column 8), mother's pre-pregnancy weight (in pounds, column 9), and father's height (in inches, column 13). For each predictor, does it seem to contribute something to the regression when the other predictors are in the model?

    (b) Consider the assumptions underlying regression. To what extent can they be checked? Do appropriate diagnostic plots and comment on the results.
  2. Selvin, page 135, Problem 4.
  3. Selvin, pages 136-137, Problem 10.
  4. Selvin, Page 167, Problems 1 and 2.
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