Homework 0
Due Friday, 4 October 1996

All information, handouts, etc, used in this course will be made available on the World Wide Web at the address

In particular, all of the homework assignments, reading assignments, notes on the homework, etc will be posted on the net. Homework will be due on the schedule posted on the net; except for this assignment, weekly homework assignments will not be distributed in class.

The first regular homework assignment (HW 1) is due on Wednesday, October 9. You must complete this homework assignment before you will be able to get very far on HW 1.

The purpose of this assignment is to make certain that you can access the web and use the information contained there.
  1. What is your e-mail address?

  2. On what date is homework 7 due?

  3. Is the final an in-class or a take-home final?

  4. If the final is in-class, when and where will it be held?
    If it is a take-home exercise, when must it be turned in?

  5. How many numbered parts are there to HW 1?

  6. Print out the file hw0.dat. How many observations does it contain?
    Extra credit: what shape results when the data in hw0.dat are graphed using the Stata command

      graph x y, c(l) s(i)

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