Statistics 226
Categorical Data Analysis
(Analysis of Qualitative Data)
Winter 1997

TTh 10:00-11:20, Eckhart 133

Last updated 17-Jan-97 15:30

Course schedule and homework due dates modified.

Ronald Thisted, Eckhart 126 (, 702-8332, Office hours: M 3-4, and by appointment.

Course Assistant.
Molly Huang, Eckhart 131 (, 702-7875, Office Hours: W 11-12.

Statistics 220 or permission of instructor.

Agresti. Categorical Data Analysis, Wiley, 1990.
This book is ordered through the University Bookstore.Adobe PDF

Electronic communication.
Homework, reading assignments, corrections, notes, schedules, and similar information will be posted on the web page You should check this page regularly, since you are responsible for its contents. The heading will always indicate the date on which this page was most recently updated.

Final Exam:
Tuesday, March 18, 10:30 am-12:30 pm
The last class of the quarter will meet on March 11 (Tuesday); March 13 is in the reading period.

Midterm Exam:
Thursday, February 13, in class.

One per week. Late assignments are not accepted, so plan ahead. Computers sometimes (often?) fail at inconvenient times, such as the morning that homework is due.

Homework: 40%, Midterm: 25%, Final: 35%.

Computers and software
We shall be using the Stata statistical program for most of the computations in this course. At present, Stata can be found on the Windows PCs in Usite, and possibly at Crerar and Regenstein. It is possible that Stata may become available on the University's SUN server ("mach") during the quarter.

Schedule (Revised 17 January)

1/7 Introduction; Comparing proportions Chap 1; 2.1
1/9 Association in 2-way contingency tables; Stata 2.2-2.3
1/14 Inference for 2-way tables 2.4, 3.1 HW1
1/16 Inference for 2-way tables II 3.1
1/21 Inference for 2-way tables III
1/23 Generalized linear models
Logistic regression
4.1-4.2 HW2
1/28 Generalized linear models
Probit, Extreme-value regression; Diagnostics
Loglinear models intro
1/30 Loglinear models II 5.3-5.4 HW3
2/4 Partitioning Chi-squared
Model selection
2/6 Residual analysis
Conditional independence and association
7.3-7.5 HW4
2/11 Sample size and power
Sparse tables
7.6-7.7 HW5
2/13 Midterm Exam -- in class
2/18 Ordered categories; row effect models 8.1-8.2
2/20 Multidimensional ordinal tables 8.3-8.4
2/25 RC (log-bilinear) models 8.5-8.6 HW6
2/27 Multinomial response models 9.1-9.2
3/4 Logit and probit models for ordered responses 9.3-9.5 HW7
3/6 Matched pairs of categorical responses 10.1-10.3
3/11 Models and measures of association for
matched pairs of ordered responses
10.4-10.6 HW8
3/13 Reading Period - no class
3/18 Final Exam 10:30-12:30