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Ph.D. students and year of graduation

  • Mark Handcock, 1989
    Professor of Statistics, UCLA
    Dissertation title:  "Inference for spatial Gaussian random fields when the objective is prediction."
  • Xufeng Niu (joint with George Tiao), 1991
    Professor, Department of Statistics, Florida State University
    Dissertation title:  "Space-time ARMA models for satellite ozone data."
  • Biao Zhang, 1992
    Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Toledo
    Dissertation title: "Nonparametric function estimation."
  • Patricia Styer, 1993
    Assistant Professor, Southern Oregon University
    Dissertation title: "The effect of temporal aggregation in gamma regression models used to estimate trends in sulfate deposition."
  • Ernesto Floresroux, 1993
    CIDE, Mexico City
    Dissertation title: "Estimation of the nearest neighbor distribution for spatial point processes."
  • L Brant Collins, 1995
    Software Engineer, Allstate
    Dissertation title: "Inter-event distance methods for the statistical analysis of spatial point processes."
  • Dongping Fang, 1996
    Principal Data Scientist, Anthem, Inc.
    Dissertation title: "Modeling the correlation structure of the TOMS ozone data and lattice sampling design for isotropic random fields."
  • Jeff Picka, 1997
    Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New Brunswick
    Dissertation title: "Variance reducing: modifications for estimators of dependence in random sets."
  • Montserrat Fuentes,1998
    President, St. Edward's University
    Dissertation title: "Prediction of random fields and modeling of spatial-temporal satellite data."
  • Dongseok Choi (joint with George Tiao), 1999
    Professor, Division of Biostatistics, Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University
    Dissertation title: "Modeling latitudinal correlations for satellite data."
  • Ji-Meng Loh, 2001
    Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Dissertation title: "Estimating the large-scale structure of the universe using QSO carbon IV absorbers."
  • Zhengyuan Zhu, 2002
    Professor, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University
    Dissertation title: "Optimal sampling design and parameter estimation of Gaussian random fields."
  • Leah Welty, 2003
    Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine, Northwestern University
    Dissertation title: "Spatial statistics for modeling phytoplankton."
  • Mikyoung Jun, 2005
    ConocoPhillips Data Science Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Houston
    Dissertation title: "Space-time models and their application to air pollution."
  • Ethan Anderes, 2005
    Professor, Department of Statistics, University of California, Davis
    Dissertation title: "Estimating deformations of isotropic Gaussian random fields."
  • Hae Kyung Im, 2005
    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Studies, University of Chicago
    Dissertation title: "Two problems in environmetrics."
  • Xiaofeng Shao (joint with Wei-Biao Wu), 2006
    Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    Dissertation title: "Statistical evaluation of multiresolution model output and spectral analysis for nonlinear time series."
  • Chae Young Lim, 2007
    Professor, Seoul National University
    Dissertation title: "Characteristics of a Model Error in an Air Quality Model and Fixed-Domain Asymptotic Properties of Spatial Cross-Periodograms."
  • Marcin Hitczenko, 2011
    Assistant Policy Adviser and Economist, Federal Reserve, Atlanta branch
    Dissertation title: "Modeling Processes on Spheres."
  • Darongsae Kwon, 2012
    Postdoc, Duke University
    Dissertation title: "Kriging Prediction with Estimated Covariances."
  • Myoungji Lee, 2012
    Senior Data Scientist, Apple
    Dissertation title: "Local Properties of Irregularly Observed Gaussian Fields."
  • Xiaohui Chang, 2012
    Associate Professor, Oregon State University, College of Business
    Dissertation title: "Wavelet Analysis in Spatial Interpolation of High Frequency Monitoring Data."
  • Joseph Guinness, 2012
    Associate Professor, Cornell University
    Dissertation title: "Nonstationary Models for Spatial-Temporal Processes."
  • Stefano Castruccio, 2013
    Assistant Professor, Notre Dame University
    Dissertation title: "Statistical Methods for Climate Ensembles."
  • Michael Horrell, 2015
    Staff Data Scientist, Sentilink
    Dissertation title: "Two Projects in Gaussian Random Field Space-Time Statistics."
  • Andrew Poppick, 2016
    Assistant Professor, Carleton College
    Dissertation title: "Statistical Methods for Climatic Processes with Temporal Non-Stationarity."
  • Wanting Xu (joint with Mihai Anitescu), 2017
    Quantitative Researcher, Citadel
    Dissertation title: "On the Optimal Estimation, Control, and Modeling of Dynamical Systems."

Postdoctoral research associates

  • Jean Quashnock, 1997-1999
    Professor, Department of Physics, Carthage College
  • Jon Stroud (joint with Barry Lesht), 1999-2001
    Associate Professor, Statistics, Georgetown University
  • Serge Guillas (joint with George Tiao), 2002-2004
    Professor, Department of Statistical Science, University College London
  • Dana Draghicescu (joint with John Frederick), 2002-2004
    Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Hunter College of CUNY
  • Mathieu Vrac, 2004-2006
    Senior Research Scientist, CNRS Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
  • Zepu Zhang, 2004-2007
    Chief Data Scientist, Mobile Ad
  • Li Chen, 2004-2007
  • Meredith Franklin (joint with Rao Kotamarthi), 2007-2010
    Associate Professor, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
  • Ying Sun, 2012-2013
    Associate Professor of Statistics, KAUST
  • William Leeds (joint with Elisabeth Moyer), 2013-2014
    Head of Data Science, Sendoso
  • Zhen Zhang, 2014-2016
    Statistician, Dow AgroSciences LLC
  • Won Chang (joint with Elisabeth Moyer), 2014-2016
    Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati
  • Mikael Kuusela, 2016-2017
    Assistant Professor, Statistics & Data Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Matz Haugen (joint with Elisabeth Moyer), 2016-2018
    Orbital Insight