Data for ``Statistical Comparison of Observed and CMAQ Modeled Daily Sulfate Levels'' by M. Jun and M.L. Stein

Here are three files and brief descriptions of the files for the data used in the paper.

  • observations
  • This file contains the sulfate aerosol concentration measurement from 61 monitoring stations for 92 days (from March 1, 1990 to May 31st). The data is sorted row-wise by the station numbers (first row is for station 1, etc) and column-wise by dates (first column is for March 1, 1990, etc). The unit is micrograms per cubic meter and missing values are denoted by NA.

  • CMAQ output
  • This file contatins the CMAQ output of sulfate aerosol concentration from 61 monitoring stations for 92 days. The format and units are the same as the observations case. This file only contains the CMAQ output from the cells that contains the monitoring stations. If two or more monitoring stations are contained in the same cell, the same CMAQ output value is given to those stations. There are no missing values in CMAQ output.

  • locations
  • This file contains the information for the locations of the monitoring stations. The first column is longitude and the second column is latitude (in degrees). The file is sorted row-wise by station numbers (first row is for station 1, etc).