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I am currently an Associate Professor in Department of Statistics at the University of Chicago. My office is at Jones 322.

Previously, I spent one year (2011 - 2012) in Department of Mathematics at Stanford as a Szego Assistant Professor. I obtained my Ph.D. (2006 - 2011) in statistics at UC Berkeley, under the supervision of Prof. Yuval Peres . In summer 2011, I was a temporary postdoc at U. Washington working with Prof. James Lee . In summer 2010, I was an intern at MSR New England mentored by Dr. Jennifer Chayes . Before coming to Berkeley, I earned my B.S. at School of Mathematical Sciences , Peking University.

My research interests are probability theory and statistical physics, with focus on random constraint satisfaction problems and random planar geometry. My current research is supported by NSF career award and Alfred P. Sloan fellowship.

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I am teaching STAT251 in Fall 2016.

Seminar in probability and statistical physics.

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Department of Statistics
#104B Eckhart Hall
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637

Email: j i a n d i n g -at- g a l t o n -dot- u c h i c a g o -dot- e d u