Examples of vesicle detection and tracking

A vesicle fusion

	A movie of a vesicle fusion detected by the algorithm.

Example of detections made by the algorithm

Color code: [ Purple] Static Vesicle. [ Yellow ] Fusing vesicle. [ Red] Moving vesicle. [Cyan] Short lived detection (No decision about type of dynamics can be made with a short time series).

	Detections made by the algorithm in VAMP2-GFP7.1 cells. 
	The GFP fluorescent protein is pH dependent. Thus, 
	the proteins fluoresce only when a vesicle fuses to the 
	cell membrane and a pore that connects vesicle lumen 
	and exterior is open.
	Notice the difference with the second cell. It this case,
	the cell is treated with a toxin that changes the pH
	of the vesicle lumen. The GFP proteins fluoresce before 
	vesicle fusion.

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