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Jose I. Rodriguez
Jose I. Rodriguez
Postdoctoral Scholar

Phone: 773.834.3863

University of Chicago
Department of Statistics
5747 S. Ellis Avenue
Jones 120A
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

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Research Interests

I am a NSF Postdoc at the University of Chicago working with Lek-Heng Lim, and next fall I will start as The University of Chicago Provost's Career Enhancement Postdoc. My previous postdoc was at the Simons Institute and University of Notre Dame with Jonathan Haunstein. In May 2014, I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Ph.D. in mathematics. My thesis is titled "Numerical algebraic geometry for maximum likelihood estimation," and my advisor was Bernd Sturmfels. My interests are in applied algebraic geometry and algebraic statistics. In particular, I am interested in developing numerical algorithms to solve systems of polynomial equations. Here is a link to a talk at the Simons Institute about my thesis work:


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