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Information for First Year Ph.D. Students in Statistics

Updated: 9/27/12


The components of the first year program are:

The core sequences—the material which is covered on the prelims:

    • Applied Statistics    34300, 34500, 34700
    • Theoretical Statistics    30400, 30100, 30200
    • Probability   31200, 31300

The third course in Fall can be chosen from (typically) Stat 30700, 33100, 35000, 39000 and Math 20700, with the permission of the advisor. See the Department Course Schedule for fall for a listing of current courses. You should discuss the choice of your third course in the fall with your advisor.

Subject to permission from the department counselor, the probability sequence can be replaced by 38100–38300–38500 or 39000–39100–31300.

Feel free to see your advisor or the Department Graduate Advisor Prof. Steve Lalley, whenever you have questions.