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Yuehaw Khoo
Yuehaw Khoo
Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and the College

Phone: 773-834-2063
Fax: 773.702.9810

University of Chicago
Department of Statistics
5747 S. Ellis Avenue
Jones 122A
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

Research Interests

I am an applied mathematician interested in developing computational and data-driven techniques for problems in biological and physical sciences. In particular, I develop methods for protein structure determination from NMR spectroscopy and more recently, from Cryo-EM. My work addresses the numerical challenges that arise in these applications using optimization and machine learning methods. Broadly speaking, my research centers on two common challenges: (1) Non-convex, discrete or large scale optimization problems. (2) Representation of high-dimensional functions using neural-network and tensor network. The solutions to these challenges also find applications in engineering disciplines such as computer graphics, medical imaging and sensor networks.


Last update: 08/15/19