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Ronald A. Thisted

Ronald A. Thisted
Professor, Departments of Statistics, Public Health Sciences,
Anesthesia and Critical Care, and the College
Member: Committee on Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics


University of Chicago
Department of Statistics
5747 S. Ellis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637 USA


Research Interests

Ronald Thisted's major research interests are in the areas of biostatistics and epidemiology, statistical computation, effectiveness of medical interventions, and reproducibility in research.

Examples of areas in which he has worked include comparative assessment of prognoses that result from different treatments for prostate cancer; assessment of effectiveness for prostate-specific antigen tests for screening, diagnosis, and follow-up of prostate cancer; short- and long-term effectiveness of treatments for degenerative disease of the lumbar spine; relative benefits of SPECT imaging relative to standard diagnostics in epilepsy and dementia; clinical trials for assessing treatments for pain and neurological disorders.


Last update: 9/6/18