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Mihai Anitescu
Mihai Anitescu
Professor (Part-Time), Department of Statistics
Computational Mathematician: MCS at Argonne National Laboratory
Senior Fellow: Computation Institute

Phone: 773.834.5993
Fax: 773.702.9810

University of Chicago
Department of Statistics
5747 S. Ellis Avenue
Jones 115
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

Research Interests

  • Numerical Optimization.
  • Uncertainty Quantification.
  • Computational Statistics.
  • Computational Science.
  • Numerical Analysis.
  • Applied Mathematics.
  • Scalable Gaussian Process Analysis of Spatiotemporal Data. The Project, sponsored by the DOE-ASCR Mathematics of Petascale Data has a website which has details and references.
  • Differential Variational Inequalities, with Applications in Phase Field Models for Material Science. The Project, sponsored by the DOE-ASCR Scidac and DOE-ASCR base program has a website with details and references.
  • CESAR: Center for Exascale Simulation of Advanced Reactors. The Project is sponsored by DOE-ASCR, I work in it in the area of Uncertainty Quantification. The project has a website with details and references.

Last update: 09/21/17