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TR No. Author Date Title
579 Molnar, Adam October 13, 2009 Questioning the Strategic Vision, LLC, Civics Studies.
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571 Wu, W. B. and Zhao, Z. October 2, 2006 Moderate deviations for stationary processes. To appear in Statistica Sinica.
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565 Nicolae, D. L. March 2006 Quantifying the amount of missing information in genetic association studies.
564 Li, Y. Y. and Mykland, P. A. February 15, 2006,
revised November 8, 2006
Are volatility estimators robust with respect to modeling assumptions? Bernoulli, Vol. 13, 2007, 601–622.
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466  Chen, C.-R. Reserved  
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457 Liang, B. Reserved  
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451 Fang, Dongping Reserved  
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444 Unused.    
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