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Course: STAT 25300/STAT 31700
Title: Introduction to Probability Models
Instructor(s): Brian Van Koten
Teaching Assistant(s): Xialiang Dou
Class Schedule: Sec 01: MWF 11:30 AM–12:20 PM in MS 112
Office Hours:  
Course Homepage: Course Home Page
Textbook(s): Ross, Introduction to Probability Models (11th ed)

This course introduces stochastic processes as models for a variety of phenomena in the physical and biological sciences. Following a brief review of basic concepts in probability, we introduce stochastic processes that are popular in applications in sciences (e.g., discrete time Markov chain, the Poisson process, continuous time Markov process, renewal process and Brownian motion).

Prerequisite(s): STAT 24400 or STAT 25100 or STAT 25150