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Course: STAT 42520=CPNS 35520
Title: Theoretical Neuroscience: Network Dynamics and Computation
Instructor(s): Nicolas Brunel
Class Schedule: Sec 01: TR 9:00–10:20 AM in Jones 226
Office Hours: Ulises Pereira
Course Homepage: Course Home Page
Description: This course is the second part of a three-quarter sequence in theoretical/computational neuroscience. It will focus on mathematical models of networks of neurons. Topics will include: firing rate models for populations of neurons; spatially extended firing rate models; models of visual cortex; models of brain networks at different levels; characterization of properties of specific brain networks; models of networks of binary neurons, mean rates, correlations, reductions to rate models; learning in networks of binary neurons, associative memory models; models of networks of spiking neurons: asynchronous vs synchronous states; oscillations in networks of spiking neurons; learning in networks of spiking neurons; models of working memory; models of decision-making.

Prerequisite(s): Prior exposure to differential equations, linear algebra, probability theory, STAT 42510 or instructor consent.