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Course: STAT 35700=PBHS 31001
Title: Epidemiologic Methods
Instructor(s): Dezheng Huo
Class Schedule: Sec 01: TR 12:00–1:20 PM in BSLC 202
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Course Homepage: Course Home Page
Textbook(s): Szklo, Nieto, Epidemiology: Beyond the Basics, 3rd edition
Juul, An Introduction to Stata for Health Researchers, 3rd edition, Recommended
Description: This course will emphasize how to think about and work with data to address epidemiologic questions. The primary goal is to be able to evaluate and plan epidemiologic studies, and carry out classic methods of data analysis. Gaining facility with data analysis is also a priority. Another goal is an appreciation of the extent to which a study question is addressed by the study design, data collection and data analysis. Students will learn how to apply univariate and multivariable methods to data from cross-sectional, ecologic, case control and cohort studies. This course is about the application of statistical and other methods to epidemiologic studies; it is not a statistics course. Assignments require STATA statistical software.