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Course: STAT 34500
Title: Design/Analysis of Experiments
Instructor(s): Peter McCullagh
Teaching Assistant(s): Christopher McKennan, Lei Sun, and Yunfan Tang
Class Schedule: Sec 01: TR 10:30–11:50 AM in Eckhart 133
Office Hours:  
Textbook(s): Cox, Reid, The Theory of the Design of Experiments, 1st edition.
Cox, Planning of Experiments
Bailey, Design of Comparative Experiments
Description: This course introduces the methodology and application of linear models in experimental design. We emphasize the basic principles of experimental design (e.g., blocking, randomization, incomplete layouts). Many of the standard designs (e.g., fractional factorial, incomplete block, split unit designs) are studied within this context. The analysis of these experiments is developed as well, with particular emphasis on the role of fixed and random effects.

Prerequisite(s): STAT 34300