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Course: STAT 30600
Title: Advanced Statistical Inference I
Instructor(s): Peter McCullagh
Teaching Assistant(s): TBA
Class Schedule: Sec 01: TR 10:30–10:50 AM in Jones 226
Office Hours:  
Course Homepage: Course Home Page
Description: Topics covered in this course will include: Gaussian distributions: conditional distributions; maximum likelihood and REML; Laplace approximation and associated expansion; combinatorics and the partition lattice: Mobius inversion; moments, cumulants symmetric functions and $k$-statistics; cluster expansions; Bartlett identities and Bartlett adjustment; random partitions, partition processes, CRP process; Gauss-Ewens cluster process: classification models; trees rooted and unrooted; exchangeable random trees; Cox processes used for classification.

Prerequisite(s): STAT 30100