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Course: STAT 22810=PBHS 30910, PPHA 36410, ENST 27400
Title: Epidemiology and Population Health
Instructor(s): Benjamin Lahey
Teaching Assistant(s):  
Class Schedule: Sec 01: TR 3:00–4:20PM in BSLC 218
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Course Homepage: Course Homepage
Textbook(s): Gordis, Epidemiology, 4th edition.
Description: Epidemiology is the basic science of public health. It is the study of how diseases are distributed across populations and how one designs population-based studies to learn about disease causes, with the object of identifying preventive strategies. Epidemiology is a quantitative field and draws on biostatistical methods. Historically, epidemiology's roots were in the investigation of infectious disease outbreaks and epidemics. Since the mid-twentieth century, the scope of epidemiologic investigations has expanded to a fuller range non-infectious diseases and health problems. This course will introduce classic studies, study designs and analytic methods, with a focus on global health problems.

Note(s): STAT 22000 or other introductory statistics highly desirable.