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Stat Minor Approved Courses

All courses approved for the Statistics Minor: both required and elective

Course Number Course Title Teaching Department 2017-18 Schedule
BIOS 21216 Introduction to Statistical Genetics Human Genetics Winter
BUSN 41201 Big Data Booth Spring
BUSN 41204 Machine Learning Booth Winter
GEOG 205 Introduction to Spatial Data Science Geographical Studies Autumn
PBHS 332 Statistical Analysis with Missing Data Public Health Sciences Not offered
PBHS 334 Multilevel Modeling Public Health Sciences Winter
PBHS 351 Health Services Research Methods Public Health Sciences Spring
PBHS 405 Advanced Epidemiologic Methods III Public Health Sciences Spring
PBPL 28820 Machine Learning and Public Policy Public Policy Studies Spring
SOCI 20112 Applications of Hierarchical Linear Models Sociology Spring
STAT 220 Statistical Methods and Applications Statistics Autumn, Winter, Spring
STAT 222 Linear Models and Experimental Design Statistics Spring
STAT 224 Applied Regression Analysis Statistics Autumn, Spring
STAT 226 Analysis of Categorical Data Statistics Winter
STAT 227 Biostatistical Methods Public Health Sciences Winter
STAT 22810 Epidemiology and Population Health Public Health Sciences Autumn
STAT 234 Statistical Models and Methods Statistics Autumn, Winter, Spring
STAT 245 Statistical Theory and Methods II Statistics Winter, Spring
STAT 24510 Statistical Theory and Methods IIa Statistics Winter
STAT 24620 Multivariate Statistical Analysis: Applications and Techniques Statistics Spring
STAT 261 Time Dependent Data Statistics Autumn
STAT 267 History of Statistics Statistics Spring
STAT 274 Nonparametric Inference Statistics Winter
STAT 27850 Multiple Testing, Modern Inference, and Replicability Statistics Spring
STAT 319 Introduction to Causal Inference Comparative Human Development Winter
STAT 331 Sample Surveys Statistics Autumn
STAT 33211 Mediation, Moderation, and Spillover Effects Comparative Human Development Not offered
STAT 35201 Introduction to Clinical Trials Public Health Sciences Spring
STAT 356 Applied Survival Analysis Public Health Sciences Not offered
STAT 357 Epidemiologic Methods Public Health Sciences Winter
STAT 358 Statistical Applications Public Health Sciences Autumn
STAT 369 Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis Public Health Sciences Autumn
STAT 37601 Machine Learning and Large-Scale Data Analysis Computer Science Spring